Anri Sala

The exhibition project collects some of the most significant film works created by Anri Sala in recent years in an innovative organic path, taking inspiration from musical compositions, including Ravel, Ravel, Take Over, and If and Only if. The exhibition will take the form of a “parade”, with a flow of moving images and multiple narratives. More than a presentation of three intertwined film works, the exhibition as a whole can be interpreted as a device capable of transforming the projections into a single and gigantic moving sculpture. For this volume, I wanted to follow what the artist’s intent was. I tried to represent the “parade” of the works on display through a series of photos that follow one after the other between the various pages, creating a visual continuity between them. In addition to the succession of images, I tried to give rhythmicity to the text by aligning the columns at the bottom and making them end up at different heights, pursuing the aim of representing the sound waves as if they were viewed through an equalizer. This project was carried out in collaboration with Leftloft.