Touring Club

This volume has been a joint effort between Leftloft and TCI that has sought to rejuvenate the image of the Touring by associating the packaging with the concept of travel luggage. My idea was to flesh out this concept and go back to basics. The graphic design of the TCI was in fact revised by the illustrious graphic designer Bob Norda in the 70s, he designed very clean, minimal, timeless guidelines. These lines have dispersed over the years and I wanted to resume the lines of his initial design, cleaning up the Touring guise of all the useless frills accumulated with the passing of time. A great victory for me was to bring the white lines logo back to use, this was created by Norda but not re-proposed in the latest TCI branding manual. The whole book was printed with the touring pantone green, and this too was a great challenge as it was not easy to find a company that would print in a four-color + 1 press. This project was carried out in collaboration with Leftloft.