Hito Steyrel

Steyerl presents The City of Broken Windows, born from her research around AI (artificial intelligence) industries, surveillance technologies and the role that contemporary art museums play in society today. The City of Broken Windows revolves around altered sound recordings: as in an atonal and disturbing symphony, they document the learning process of artificial intelligence which is taught how to recognize the noise of windows that break, a practice common to industry and security technology in our society. The exhibition was accompanied by a publication edited by Castello di Rivoli for Skira, created by me at Leftloft. With this volume, I have tried to visually represent the concepts expressed by Hito for this exhibition. The tones are dark, to remember the black screens of the electronic devices, the shadows are pixelated, the openings represent the succession of the breaking of a glass, the artist’s essay is represented as a printed word sheet and so on.